Mango Lemonade
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Refreshing mango infused lemonade!
Recipe type: Summer Drink
Serves: 6
  • Ripe Mangoes- 2 large (eat them and save the peels & the seed!)
  • Lemon juice- of 4 medium-sized lemons
  • Sugar- 1 tablespoon per medium-sized glass (you may adjust to your taste)
  • Salt- one pinch per glass (approx. ¼ T- spoonful)
  • Cherries and cubed mango- a few of each (optional)
  1. Cut slice/cube the mangoes. Just don't throw away the peels & the seed yet because we need them!
  2. In a large pitcher filled with water (at room temperature), add lemon juice, sugar (to taste), a quarter T-spoonful of salt and the peels+seeds. Let this mixture sit for about 3 hours at room temperature before putting it in the chiller compartment.
  3. Once chilled, add lots of ice, float in a few cherries and cubed mangoes. Your mango lemonade is ready!
It hastens the infusion process if the concoction is kept at room temperature.
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