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Sometime back I participated in a contest, hosted by Floorspace and happened to win it! A week later I received this super cute thing as my prize from them… it’s called a Drinklip. It’s a giant clip…can be attached to any table.

Its packaging box has images to show in ways it can be used… but in the past two weeks or so, I realized its utility to no extent. I would rather rename this product as- Drinklip-Carry-all Organiser! I have used this amazing clip as my hold-all/carry-all device in so many ways other than what it is meant for… hold beverages! Actually, I prefer not to take any beverage when I am working. My tea/coffee time is sacrosanct… I prefer to have it in peace, with the exception of the company of my Newspaper (that is ‘Me’ time in the mornings) and with my hubby (that is ‘Wifey’ time in the evenings) therefore no distractions or any other work at that time. Okay, coming back to Drinklip… let me show how I used it in the past two weeks:

I really like the way it holds my thread spools and other sewing trivia when I am sewing something for my home/daughter.

Here is an organized way to hold my pens when I fill up my diary with ideas for my home/blog (Ok, you may find it silly but I do like to write with coloured pens! I find it easy to skim and scan through my notes).

Who likes to come out of a warm n cozy comforter on a grey, cold and foggy day? Certainly not me! And this clip has given me just the excuse not to! I have all my accessories (very organized) right next me…attached to my lappy table, while I am nice and cozy in my comforter!

My daughter’s quilling tools and the inverted glue bottle(we prefer to keep it inverted when we craft) gets a cushy place!

So, finally it is holding a glass of water… but only for my brushes as I sit to paint, no spillage…handy isn’t it?

Recently, hubby borrowed it to use it with his bar. Funky contraption! Isn’t it?

So far I haven’t used it in my car, kitchen and bathroom … maybe, I’ll try it soon!

When not in clipped position, it has a nice angle to hold stationery etc. Convenient!

Oh! By the way, I tried fitting my cup of tea in it… it didn’t fit 🙁  because of its handle… too bad, that is the last thing I may use it for! 🙂 It’s a great utility product and I love towing it around my home! 🙂 I think I need a couple of more of them ! Can you think of other ways to use it?

PS- I wasn’t asked by Floorspace to write this post, I was under no obligation… it is my personal review and I just wanted to share it with all my DIYer/organizing addict friends!

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4 thoughts on “Drinklip-Carry-all Organiser

  1. I appreciate your social conciousness,you have pointed a very useful thing in day to day life.I will purchase if available in Lucknow.

  2. As always a very nice post Supriti. A happy new year to you 🙂 What was the contest about? was it a blog contest?

    • A very Happy New Year to you and your family Harini! Thanks for the compliment. And the contest was ‘My Home is Special’ – all one had to do was post photos of their home, along with a few lines. If you see my blog’s FB page, you would see the photos.

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