DIY Pincushion

If you are a hobbyist like me, you probably would have a lot of fabric scraps stashed somewhere (to be used later). I can’t throw away even the tiniest of the pieces, knowing, there are so many ways to use up these tiny fabric scraps. Yesterday I made a pincushion with storage for myself, using the fabric scraps. It was a quick 30 minute project… I am a big fan of any project that allows me to use  things that may have ended up in the trash bin otherwise. With the festive season round the corner, I decided to add a little bling to my organising!

The jar lid supports the pincushion and the jar allows me to store pins and other sewing stuff.

Here is my quick photo tutorial: All you need is an old jar, some fabric scraps (I used this blingy red sequined strip and a small piece of black satin), ribbon/embellishments (optional) and some glue. Cut out the centre of the lid as shown (I haven’t done a very neat job with cutting out the centre but it doesn’t matter).

Add some cotton or polyfill into the fabric from the reverse side of the lid and fluff it up like a firm rounded mound.

Cut out the excess fabric and hot glue or raw stitch the fabric (on the reverse side of the lid) to prevent the filling from spilling out. I attached a cardboard circle to cover up the mess I made with the fabric gluing!

Here is my blingy pincushion with storage for basic sewing tools! Easy to carry along. Oh… I forgot to mention, my daughter coloured the lid with a permanent black marker! And the satin ribbon bow too!

I feel great each time I recycle something for my home. How do you recycle things at home? I would love to exchange notes!

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