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I knew I was in for a long wait as I sat in the plush office for a new job interview/interaction (it was my final round). Sitting there, browsing the photo gallery on my tab, I came across a few photos I had taken a while ago; these photos led me to jot down a few ideas for some decor changes at home. The ideas became sentences and before I knew it I was typing a blog-post on my Dell Venue 8 tablet. By the time I went in for the interaction I was done with a new post! The swype typing function on the Tab was quick and effective…it was way faster than typing on a keyboard! My son initiated me on this great function of the Tab (I am essentially old-school I guess!).

As I finished creating this post on my tab I realized how convenient it is to use it as an all-in- one gadget. As a blogger I am still discovering its true potential…I take pictures with it, at 5 mega pixel it is pretty decent, I store them in it, browse the net on it, research on it, now I am writing on it! I am almost using it as a publisher tool. I haven’t tried posting via the tab… let me see when I get comfortable to do that.

So, here is the post that I created on my tablet or should I say- used my ‘waiting time’ effectively! And while you are here, also checkout how I tame paper clutter with a tablet.

How to perk up your home without spending much? I follow this mantra- ‘Do More with Less or Re-purpose What You Possess’. And one of my favorite ideas based on these two mantras is to adorn a place with greens! Which also is the quickest and fastest way to perk up any place.

Decorate with Plants @ Hooked on Homes!

Decorate with Plants @ Hooked on Homes!

You can decorate with plants…any corner of your home, just as you would do with any decor accessory. They add perfect harmony and liveliness, you just need to be a little mindful of taking them out on a weekly basis for their good health.

Decorate with plants

Plants add personal touch to your home whatever is your décor style, potted plants are a perfect way to add splendor and warmth to create a space that reflects your individuality.

If displayed well, plants can make smaller spaces look big or a huge vacant space warm and cosy with the visual illusion of depth. Plants bring in an element of positive charm, texture and color unlike any other decor elements.

You can use a cluster of plants to establish an accent point, or display a quaint little potted plant to create a focal point in any corner of your home to bring life and nature indoors.

Indoor plants require relatively little care and maintenance. Love your plants and see them grow to add charm and intimacy to your home! Think about it! A potted plant could be the perfect solution for an empty corner!

Decorate with Plants @ Hooked on Homes!

Decorate with Plants @ Hooked on Homes!

No home is complete without a few perfectly placed house plants.

Spruce-up your existing terracotta pots with a little cleaning, a little painting (if you are the adventurous kind) to yield instantaneous results. In my next post I will share the plants that make my home sing! You can never go wrong with these indoor plants even if you have a black thumb! Just keep reading here at Hooked on Homes!  for more stories.

PS- BTW I got the job! And I love the fact that my Tab came in handy for a constructive use of time!


(This is a sponsored post but all opinions/views/experiences are 100% mine. I would not endorse something unless I really liked it/ tried it/ believed in it. To read my complete disclosure policy click here.)

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  1. You seem to have a lovely home! And I love the pictures. I was thinking of buying this tab for my mum-in-law for her birthday.. the camera seems good for skype calling.. how is the battery on this tab?

    • Thanks Rohini! Its a sturdy tab…I have never timed it though…but it lasts pretty okay. Maybe I should time out its average battery lasting now.

  2. Really great ideas, we all need a few indoor plants in our concrete jungles!

  3. Really nice photos Supriti! I also love the swype function of android, can’t imagine my phone with out it! Good to know that your Dell tab is acting like a really good photo viewer & much more 🙂

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