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When I wrote about my ‘Treasured Coffee Table’, in one of my previous posts, you’d have known how it was born out of old kitchen cabinets; And that it’s a storehouse!

My coffee table- a storehouse!

My coffee table… a storehouse!

My Craft Chest is another such project which is made out of remnants of the old kitchen cabinets. Having mentioned earlier (in one of the posts) that I have this compulsive disorder of hoarding things…thank God for a doting husband and loving children who bear with all of my whimsical cravings and who withstand the disasters that I,  sometimes, create! Taking advantage of such a supportive family, I have continued building my collection!:-) For my ever-growing collection of art and craft material, DIY tools;  Also to dissuade me from encroaching into everybody else’s storage areas, Hubby designed a space-saving Craft Chest, just for my stuff!Craft Chest @ Hooked on Homes! (3)

The drawing that he made (on his cellphone) was a piece of cake for our carpenter Naeem (he has become so used to our non-standard measurements and out the box designs!)

Since it is made of reclaimed boards from old kitchen cabinets, one can see the permanent marks/stains of the old kitchen on the insides of this craft chest (I don’t want to get rid of them, hence didn’t paint the insides)

I wouldn’t say that it houses all of my collection but it does take care of 60% of it! I am still stashing some of my stuff here n there and elsewhere! The intial design was like a desk…it had place for ‘leg-room’ or ‘chair insert’ but while it was being made, we changed it to a chest… for more storage.

When designing this chest the only thing Hubby kept in mind was that I wanted everything safe from dust. It is EXTREMELY dusty here at Noida. A part of the top of the chest opens to store my sewing machine, when not in use.

I guess my collection has grown to a proportion where I think I need a dedicated Craft Room or DIY Room or a Studio ; I’ll decide what to call this room once I ‘arrange’ for a dedicated room…until then I am happy with what I have!

My post, Storage Packed Craft Chest, is part two of this post…where I’ve shared the number of things this work horse can store, do take a look.

By the way do you also run out on place to stash your treasure? How do you store your hobby stuff? Got any tips for me, I would love if you’d share.

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11 thoughts on “Craft Chest

  1. First time here! will definitely linger around and check out your other posts.
    Wish I could work with a carpenter who would make my visions come to life!

    looks like a lot of thought has gone into your home – isn’t it a great joy to see everything come together?


    • Thanks for visiting Deepa! And yes, it is a pleasure to work with someone (ie our carpenter!) who could put our ideas/vision together in real dimensions!

  2. This is executed so well! Its so easy to hoard up old stuff and never do anything with it, you’ve done a great job of reclaiming it!

  3. As I am always looking for storage solutions, this is fantastic, I may have to use your design. Pinned for reference. Found you at Funky Junk ~ Amy

  4. You are so lucky to have not only an understanding husband, but a fellow conspirator! So many men just don’t get it! I lucked out a few months ago and latched on to a two-door wicker chest that also has three fairly deep drawers that someone had left for free in the common room of my apartment building! I couldn’t get it upstairs fast enough. It is now in my bedroom and houses almost all of my craft items. The rest are in handy shallow plastic boxes tucked under skirted furniture. So far I’m able to keep my one-bedroom apartment looking tidy except when the creative bug hits, then it’s like a war zone for whatever period I can stand it.

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