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Everyday I reserve an hour and a half for browsing the net… just going through the blogs I follow/love to read… there are several of them (and the no. is increasing by the day!) and I am in awe with these bloggers’ creativity with words, ideas, resourcefulness and photographs. There are times when I want to leave more than just a comment on these blogs but don’t know what and how to. Now I know… I am going to nominate some of my favourite blogs for a blog award that I received from a blogger friend. Let me thank Ashima from Lime n Lemony for having nominated me for this blog award.

It means a lot to a newbie like me… to get an award from someone whom you don’t know… and yet that person appreciates your blog enough to recommend it to others… means a lot. Now as per the award tradition I have to follow certain steps to complete the acceptance:

1.       All recipients need to thank the giver. (Tradition #1)

A big hug and a bigger thank you to Ashima, for nominating me for this award! I have been floating on cloud no.9 since then!

2. Post 7 things about yourself. (Tradition #2)

Here it goes:

1.  I love gardening; I find it therapeutic and rewarding.

2.    I have ugly hands and I hate getting my hands photographed, I try and avoid it as much as can… I ensure the angles that are being clicked are presentable (check out on my blog and you would know what I mean!)

3. My secret desire is to learn to dance like those contestants on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and to run a full marathon! I guess it’s no more a secret now… I am going to do both the things before I die! (Wishful thinking)

4. I never say ‘no’ to anything that is assigned to me (@ work or @ home) even if I don’t know it,  I learn it and complete it (to the best of my ability).

5.  I am really bad at keeping my refrigerator organized, I suck at it. I have been a butt of many jokes for it but I haven’t really been able to have it under control. My hubby and my children have taken it over from me; I guess they realize that’s one area beyond my scope of learning!

6. I am an excellent driver but a very –very bad navigator. Be warned- Don’t ever take my advice on roads/routes/directions, you will never reach your destination! Believe me.

7. I am a huge movie buff, I can watch movies all day long and not get tired…I can watch repeats as well!

3. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.(Tradition #3)

These are the blogs I have fallen in love with… They are my daily dose of blog vitamins! There are many blogs that I follow and read religiously  and it was extremely difficult for me choose only 7 … tough job. Some are so grand that they don’t need any award at all, they’ve become legends now. So here is my list of nominees, it includes some amazing stalwarts in the blogosphere and some almost there… do check them out.

And the award goes to-

1.  (Sewing & Organizing)

2.  (Organizing )

3.  (DIY  Makeovers)

4.  (DIY & Décor )

5.   ( Crafting Cards)

6. (Musings on living a good Life)

7. ( lil bit of this and lil bit of that)

4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog. (Tradition #4)


Thanks again, Ashima, for the nomination! Happy blogging! Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Supriti, I am honored to be among your nominees….thank you. Your blog always warms me with its color and texture.

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