Better Ways to Use a Tablet

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Since the tablet PC’s launch speculations have been rife that it will die a natural death due to lack of response. But has it? In fact it has been accepted widely (and with open arms) by the masses. Why so? For starters it is a convenient device, compact, portable and high on performance not only in terms of battery life but also functionality. I, for one, am an absolute fan of the device! So I couldn’t care less about the speculations and forecasts as I can’t do without the tablet today! For me it is a God send device.

Its popularity has put critics to rest…don’t you agree?  I would say that, arguably, it is one of the best inventions for people who are on the go and would also want the functionality of a PC and phone rolled into one. Although I wouldn’t disregard the PC and a phone’s place in homes and offices at all, but when you just want to carry one device that has it all… it is the tablet that would fit the bill. It is after all a mobile computer with flexibility and ease of use of a smart phone since it has most of the functions and capabilities of both.  My life would come to a standstill if I am to think of it without my tablet. There is so much I do with my tablet PC; here are my ‘Better Ways to Use a Tablet’, in my daily chores/life:

  • Apart from doing the regular stuff, which is, surfing the net, the convenience of checking my e- mails, quick updates on my social networks, clicking a picture and instantly uploading it, games, music, movies, books etc.
  • It works as a navigator, loaded with maps; when it is propped against the dashboard in the car.
  • Using the tablet as a TV screen on journeys, loaded with movies which we missed watching. It comes in handy on long journeys; especially in the car when I attach it to the backrest of the front seats (for viewing by my children in the back seat).
  • Use it as a digital picture frame (when we throw a party at home) by perching it on a self-made stand.
  • It has my entire collection of art, craft and design resources for quick and easy reference. I have printed a grid sheet on OHP (1cmx1cm squares) and I place it on top of my tablet PC as a grid sheet when I am drawing or painting something (from the jpeg on the tablet screen).
  • My recipes are always available on my tablet, perched on the stand on my kitchen counter, when trying out a new recipe.
  • My reference manuals, book collection etc. are with me always.
  • It works as my teaching aid in the classroom, apart from loading my lesson plan resources, I load it up with visuals & graphics for students to see. I also use it as my prop during stage management and when compeering events.
  • One excellent use of this device is that I take pictures of all my bills (ALL), warranties, applications, important documents like passport, Aadhaar card, certificates etc and have it stored in it for quick access. Keeping my home and my life organized hasn’t been so easy and all in one place had it not been for my favourite gadget.

So does it make me a super woman? Nah! But it surely makes my Tablet a Genie! Hence no misadventures with it, so far!


How I wish that I could also use my tablet to scribble notes and draw free hand, another thing that makes me put it down to pick another device is its camera. I really look forward to a Tab with fabulous stylus compatibilities, good camera features and a flexible stand to prop it  up anywhere. Also, I wish it had a small silicon fold-able keyboard mat which I could attach to the touch screen keypad for ease of use of keyboard functionality like a regular PC keyboard feel.

It is in use by many companies in many efficient ways making the use of paper almost negligible apart from saving time (I won’t be going into details of it as such advantages run into many paragraphs, Google it!) Maybe its potential is yet to be realized fully but in most certain terms… It is definitely here to stay and stay for good! As for me I can’t imagine a day without it!

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