DIY Spray Painting

Last night when I wound up all my chores for the day, I felt this urge to try something which had been playing in my head for a while. I wanted to spray paint a set of cushion covers using leaves as my masking templates, but before I painted on the selected fabric I wanted to try it out on paper. So, I gave into my urge and before I called it a day, out came my colours and my drawing book!

Here is what I did for my DIY spray painting… an improvised way!

I plucked a few marigold leaves and placed them on the drawing sheet. Since I was using two colours, I masked the areas where I wanted only one colour to show, with torn pieces of newspaper.

It helps to spread newspaper all around the work surface to keep things clean. It was a real quick DIY… I used an old toothbrush dipped in poster colour to meet this effect. I used my thumb on the bristles of the toothbrush to ‘spray’ the paint…messy hands but I don’t mind it! Once the colour was dry I picked up the leaves.

Isn’t the effect lovely? Now that I have a hang of it I would be using a bigger brush (carpet cleaning brush!) and fabric colours and different shaped leaves to print on my cushion covers.

Will be posting the result on the cushion covers soon!




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Great Ways to Create a Beautiful Home- Window Treatments

Choosing window treatment that suits your requirement and adds flair to your home… is a tough call. After the paint job this is the second most difficult decision. Why? Because you are not going to change your window treatments every now and then, in all its probability you will be stuck with it for at least two/three years, if not more. Since there are so many options to choose from, so how do you decide? If you want it within budget and wisely you would do your homework well, just like I did; knowing your options and all that is available in the market, will help you decide something that will go a long way.

I am a little late in posting in this blog series on ‘Great Ways to Create a Beautiful Home’ … better late than never! This is the part two of the four-part series; to read part one of this series Click Here, it deals with ideas and inspiration for painting your home.

Exploring all possibilities and combinations will save you the hassle of regret later. Sharing my little homework on Window Treatments… these are bits of information that I collated from the internet before settling for the curtains for our home. Depending on the décor and architecture of the house you can decide on a style form in choosing window treatments for your home. This photograph comes in handy in knowing the various styles (and to show your tailor in customizing the style of your curtains!)

Curtains: Curtains are the most common (read popular) window treatment used in homes. They are made of light weight fabric that offers privacy though not complete darkness. Since curtains often come in many different lengths to fit the window or door measurement, there are many ways to hang them. They are hung above the window/door frame, on a rod using rings, hooks, grommets or fabric loop.

Drapes: They are similar to curtains but are normally made of heavier fabric; they offer more effective solution to keep out the daylight (than the curtains). They are almost always lined, plain or pleated and are hung on a traverse rod with or without a string to easily open or draw them. Drapes are a grander than curtains (or any other window treatment) hence are suitable for formal rooms.

Blinds: They are the modern window treatments, a contemporary cousin of Drapes. They completely cut out the daylight (hence the name ‘Blinds’). They are put together in series of slats or louvers typically made of hard material like plastic, vinyl, wood or metal. It needs customised fitment to fix them. They are manipulated through a roller mechanism; Venetian, Vertical and Horizontal Blinds are to name a few styles.

Roller Shades: are a popular choice besides all other window treatment as not only they regulate the amount of light but also add a decorative element to your home. A measured fabric panel (that fits the window frame) is stitched with string and steel strip inserts which pulls up and down from the top by a string through a pulley system. Roman shades are one of the most popular choices.

‘Chikh’, the Indian version of a Roller Shade offers an eco-friendly solution to privacy and décor, all on a budget.

Cascades or Sheers: Are made of flowy, translucent fabric that are either floor length or window length. They are typically used in combination with drapes, curtains or shades for added decoration. If privacy is not a concern then they may be used stand alone; the wispiness of the sheers/cascades make the room appear larger.

Valances: These are decorative top treatments that may go with all other window treatments or may be used on their own owing to the dramatic effect that they add to any window. Their primary use is to camouflage the mounting hardware, cornice board or the pelmet. They are pieces of fabric finished in pleats, gathers, swags, boxed, frills or scallops.

Before you settle on the type or style of a window treatment it is good to put your vision on paper, that is if you cannot work with Photoshop/ or any other software, to visualise a style board for yourself. It helps if you can do that as it gives a fair idea of how it would look.

I hope this comes in handy when you decide for window treatments for your home. I may have missed on many other details or styles but this was my homework, absolutely need based, on easy and frugal availability, when we were choosing window treatments for our home 🙂 Happy decorating!






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Photography Styling Challenge #10- Light

It is an odd feeling when you see how over time your own work seem full of flaws… it happens with me when I look at some DIYs (photos, art or craft work, writing etc.) that I did in the past, which at the time seemed great; I get this urge to re-do it. There are times when I have re-done it, on most other occasions I let it be, as a reminder to learn from my mistakes or just to keep it as a scale to compare my work -from then to now. Does that happen to you too? What do you do? Do you re-do it or let it be? When I made PSC #10 –Light blog post, I was supposed to work on PSC #8- Patterns (I got a little mixed up) it’s sitting in my drafts and now I don’t like it enough to post it. Came up with this instead, at the moment I am happy with it… let me see if it stays this way!

While contributing to the Earth Hour on the 29th of March, this year, out at night on our porch, I stumbled upon this idea and took a few photos keeping in mind the theme for ‘M’s Photography Styling Challenge #10- Light’.20140406-220645.jpg

As I said, the shoot plan happened by chance when I saw beautiful shadows being cast on our boundary wall.  It was much fun as I styled my ‘selfie’ shoot for the shadow-play against the light!

The source of light was a street light, next to our boundary wall, which obviously, I couldn’t manipulate. And the screen for our shadow-play was our boundary wall on the other side. To see the before/original setting of this shoot  Click here.

What I did manipulate were the pots and plants which I placed and replaced till I was happy with the look on the wall.

If you look closely you’d find that in all of the photographs the plant shadows are different. The lovely  neon yellow of the street light gave me an excellent canvas to play with. Some photos are a little out of focus as I couldn’t really adjust my camera well, I am still learning.

Kids helped me in lifting the huge planters for styling! I tried styling with smaller plants, tall ones, bushy ones to get a frame kind of a look on the wall.

I took a lot of pictures that day, some really funny ones… more than the photos it was the fun time that I captured that day! I hope you enjoy the photographs!

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The One (of the many) Place in My Travel Bucket-List

When Ambika, of Sunny Yellow Window, sent out an invite for her Weekly Art Journal Exploits Linky, the prompt was too irresistible to not to answer! My instant response was “Petra”! And honestly I didn’t do much to be a part of this weekly event, I just opened “My Travel Bucket List- Places to See Before I Die” folder on my laptop and picked up the first place (abroad) on that wishlist to create a digital art journal. I wish I had the time to make a handmade one like Ambika’s…maybe next time.

Years ago when I saw the movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’, the place was etched in my head.

It had my fancy right from the scene when Harrison Ford (on a horse) enters the Petra Treasury through that amazing narrow gorge!

I started with my research on Petra since then; I’ve been reading about the place and have taken many virtual tours ever since! Then came the movie ‘Transformers- revenge of the fallen’

Had to watch this one because my children insisted… and the only part I liked was the Petra locale in the movie!

Petra in Jordan tops my wish list for its unique blend of enthralling history, astonishing architectural genius of the ancient people and the natural marvel.

It is one of the most stunning places on Earth and not to mention that it happens to be at no. 2 in the new list of the, surviving, ‘7 Wonders of the World’ and a World Heritage Site.

I do not know when will I be able to visit this place… so far all are with me on Petra being the no.1 place to visit, as a family holiday! Until then,I have my folder to browse, I keep updating my ‘travel bucket list’ folder with any photo or info that I find on the internet.

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Pencil Color Doodles

I couldn’t help but post this blog as I felt I have to show-off a friend’s work who is forever creating these amazing  Pencil Color Doodles! She feels that they are nothing serious but I am sure anyone would disagree with her, just like I do! She essentially uses pencil colors to draw and color, sometimes it is a mixed media.

Let me formally introduce you to Mridul Goyal, an art teacher who believes anyone can be an artist if only they would think and draw from the heart! Easier said than done! She makes it seem so easy (but it’s not, trust me!). Her style is abstract/contemporary suggestive of surreal fantasy or a teasing mystery!

She loves capturing fine details in her pencil work. She says her sources of inspiration are anything and everything from mundane objects to anything exciting… all in a day’s work!

This summer she intends to conduct a few Art Workshops at her studio. Sitting with her, in my free time, I have picked up a few tips and techniques and I plan to take it further… I am practising. With her guidance I am sure I shall get better.

I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day, there is so much to learn, so much to do and so little time!

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