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False Ceiling in the Master Bedroom

When we started renovating this house, there was nothing really concrete in our mind; we tackled problems as they came along. We dealt with each of the design related problems with minimal resources and time (since we had to shift in before the academic session began). This is how the master bedroom looked before the renovation.

Our master bedroom saw two major changes: one, the shifting of the huge wardrobe and its makeover (read about it ‘here’)and two, creating a false ceiling in the master bedroom for aesthetics. We decided to go in for false ceiling as the existing support beam in the bedroom seemed to divide the room into two (making it look smaller) and we wanted a seamless look, especially after we had moved the wardrobe 4 feet away from the wall… you can read about the faux wall that we created with the wardrobe ‘here’. Oh… we also aligned one of the two fans in the bedroom, to the center of the room.

We added three built in LEDs to the false ceiling just to add a little WOW! factor to the ceiling décor…

 I guess we were inspired by the dramatic look of the living room ceiling ( to see the “Living Room Ceiling Makeover” click here ).

Work in progress in the master bedroom…

Here is a before and after picture… with the false ceiling in the master bedroom and the LEDs in place.


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