Keeping a well organised home is tough 24×7 job. Especially when you have two teenagers at home, a full-time job and all other responsibilities of all the roles in my life. So, do I take a chill pill at times? I DO…and I have no qualms about it! As promised, here is my entry on ‘Photography Challenge #7 – Chaos’… and I am assuming I am the first one here in the group! This was one of the easiest photo shoot ever, no preparation, no styling, no re-styling just click, click and click and it’s done!  This is the scene in my home these days…

My son’s books are all over the home; his Grade 12 boards are round the corner. Asking him to clean/organise his stuff at this time is inviting AN ‘emotional/sensitive’ load of trouble or a confrontation which results in waste of precious time, so I’ve been avoiding it.

In fact I am not allowed to organize for him either… he says not to mess with any of it as it disturbs his layout… his reasoning - it is a very deliberate organized chaos that makes his studying organized. Are you getting any of this? Me neither but I have given in to his teen whims and fancies since I know he is going through a stressful time.

It is just a matter of a couple of months; I think I can live in the sea of books all around my home for that long.

While I took other photos of the seen chaos in my home, I wondered, “what am I going to write about it?”, “How would people react to these pictures?” As I sat down, transferring these photos in my laptop… looking at them all these thoughts from the book- ‘The Chaos Theory’ started dancing in my head only to realise how true it is to say that – ‘Chaos is the science of surprises. It teaches us to expect the unexpected.’ The ‘unexpected’ thing here would be that I am okay with the chaos in my home!

In everyday language “chaos” implies the existence of unpredictable or random behaviour.

Although the theory deals with a field of Mathematics but if you actually look at it the same applies to the actions we perform in our daily lives, a case in point- My random behaviour resulted in picture no. 4 and 5… slowly and steadily, over a period of a year. The undesirable disorganization or chaos that you see in our basement is the result (of small actions) of not trying to contain the chaos (in fact added more to it…in smaller doses:-( ). And now I need serious help in containing it (can’t do anything until the summer vacation). You can learn looking at my chaotic basement how one should avoid actions/procrastination which may end up being unfavourable to our daily living… I have certainly learned the hard way.

I find solace in the fact that – ‘At the centre of Chaos Theory is the fascinating idea that order and chaos are not always diametrically opposed. Some systems flip this premise around, with orderly effects emerging out of turbulent and chaotic causes.’

I will have things in order…may not be soon but things will definitely be in order. All this would happen once there is clarity in the decisions that we would make this year and once my son is settled in his choice of stream for Graduation… first things first… I wish I could share more but sometimes the lesser said is better (sigh).

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11 comments on “Chaos

  1. I don’t understand “organized chaos” either but if your son is studying and preparing then his “system” is probably good enough. On the other hand, I have every paper in the house in a small filing cabinet, in a properly labeled folder and Hubby still can’t find anything.

  2. :) I know what your son means when he says not to interfere in his layout – I get that a lot. I have a work from home husband and like most men, he finds order in his chaos. Its such a waste of time even mentioning them to clean their work spaces.
    All your pictures SCREAM chaos. I can imagine the nuisance when you have to clean up all that mess. Good shots Supriti.

  3. Happy new year, Supriti! I would be interested in seeing the chaos on the desk photographed from above. Did you try that angle in your shooting? ~M.

    • Hi M, A very happy new year to you too! Love the way you have control over the images you present! You make simple seem so dramatic and aesthetic. And no I didn’t capture any view of the study table from the top… a nice suggestion. I may try it later maybe, once his School reopens and I get a chance to be a little free to do what I please:-) Right now I am busy playing ‘Mom-the-constant-companion’ to him!

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  5. This is a very real-life chaos, Supriti. I think your son deserves praise to be working so hard. Good luck to him!
    I love the map wall in his study. It is such a pretty blue, you could have tried to make it some sort of feature to make the pics pop out more. You could also play around with shallow fields of depth to make the pics more interesting.

  6. Whoa!! That WAS chaotic. I think it was a fun shoot. The books only reminded me of my boards (which was long ago) and the overly sensitive person I was during those times. I would throw a tantrum if my mom entered the room!
    Best of luck to your son and may you find a sens of inner order in the chaos around you :)

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