Dressing/Changing Area

I never got around to taking photos of the dressing/changing area that we created in our master bedroom by moving the huge wardrobe, about 4½ feet away from the wall and by reversing it the other way.

We used the large wardrobe as a room divider, if you would like to see how we did it click here. Since the time this wardrobe has been positioned this way, I am in L-O-V-E with it!

 The textured wall paper that we pasted on the reverse side of the wardrobe adds depth and drama to the master bedroom. And this wall paper didn’t cost us a bomb; to know more about this wall paper click here for my post on this faux wall’s makeover.

This is how the 10½ feet long dressing galley looks now. At the far end we have placed a pedestal clothes hanger and mounted a small fan on the wall.

Here is the view from the other end. The full length mirror of my dressing unit is positioned right at the entrance to this area (couldn’t avoid this pic!). The little wicker basket is for laundry.

During the winter months I replace the ‘chattai’ (river grass mat) with a thicker woolen rug.

If you would be visiting me on a Friday evening, I wouldn’t give you a tour of this area. You may ask me why? That’s because this space also happens to be my ‘stress free’ throw-all space! Mind you, my bedroom always looks neat and tidy (thanks to this space!).

One of the major weekend chores is to ready the dressing/changing area for the next week’s de-stressing ;-) Do you also have a dumping space at your home? Or am I the only lazy lounger in this world?! What’s your ‘stress free’ dumping area @ home?

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