Simple Under Sink Organization

Today I took out ten minutes to do a simple under sink organization in my bathroom.  I had wanted to do this for a while… the plan was in my head… I had everything that I needed to organize this space, I just didn’t have one thing…TIME :-(. The only thing that I generally never have is time! I wish I could manage my time more efficiently… I am forever racing against it, anyhow that’s a different story altogether.

Here is what I wanted to control… the random storage of things under the sink /basin.

I bought these inexpensive plastic baskets from a thrift store to organize the clutter. The big basket is kind of ‘hold-all’ and the little plastic containers hold the smaller items and other miscellaneous items.

Earlier I stored the cleaning brushes etc. in this wicker basket but I realized it was occupying a lot of space.

I decided to replace it with this toothbrush holder (which I never used for keeping toothbrushes). It is so much compact now.

Hooked on Homes! (5)After placing all the stuff in these baskets I am still left with space at the back.

Do you have any tip/idea to organize under the sink… I‘d be happy if you would share it with me!

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2 comments on “Simple Under Sink Organization

  1. Right now my under the sink storage is toilet paper because the kids are too young to be trusted not to touch anything else. All the cleaning supplies are on the top shelf of the pantry closet or linen closet.

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