DIY Boxes for Organizing

The dire NEED behind this DIY recycle project was this! The clutter bomb!!!

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t take control of this clutter laden cane shelf in my storeroom…It had become a dumping yard. Finally, this weekend I decided to do something about it… I put milk cartons to do the job! Knowing that I have them coming in every month (How I regret throwing away so many of them :-( ) Here is the milk carton from drab to fab!

I reinforced the cartons with a two-inch scotch tape for extra strength and cut out space for holding the boxes.

I had this fabric for ages, I couldn’t put it to worthy use until now. Glued the fabric on the carton.

Lined the insides of the cartons with coloured cartridge sheets.

Added some finishing touches; made labels, attached rivets for labels.

Now that they are ready let me fill them up!

After placing these boxes on the cane shelf, a sliver of space remained along each of these boxes which was just right for a shoe box makeover.

Here’s the final look, for now, I am happy with the way I’ve managed to declutter the same shelf.  As you can see(in the cane shelf) I still have place for one more milk carton & I need three more shoe boxes (hmm……that’s a good excuse for shoe shopping! ;-))

I have enough leftover fabric for a couple of boxes…I’ll do it as and when I get my hands on them. For now the feeling is of a happy DIY Ninja!

How do you organize things at your home? Any shortcut is welcome!

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2 comments on “DIY Boxes for Organizing

  1. What a wonderful project! Great idea to reuse milk cartons instead of purchasing baskets. They came out very nice.

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