DIY Boxes for Organizing

The dire NEED behind this DIY recycle project was this! The clutter bomb!!!

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t take control of this clutter laden cane shelf in my storeroom…It had become a dumping yard. Finally, this weekend I decided to do something about it… I put milk cartons to do the job! Knowing that I have them coming in every month (How I regret throwing away so many of them 🙁 ) Here is the milk carton from drab to fab!

I reinforced the cartons with a two-inch scotch tape for extra strength and cut out space for holding the boxes.

I had this fabric for ages, I couldn’t put it to worthy use until now. Glued the fabric on the carton.

Lined the insides of the cartons with coloured cartridge sheets.

Added some finishing touches; made labels, attached rivets for labels.

Now that they are ready let me fill them up!

After placing these boxes on the cane shelf, a sliver of space remained along each of these boxes which was just right for a shoe box makeover.

Shoe cleaning stuff in shoebox!

Shoe cleaning stuff in a shoe-box!


Here’s the final look, for now, I am happy with the way I’ve managed to declutter the same shelf.  As you can see(in the cane shelf) I still have place for one more milk carton & I need three more shoe boxes (hmm……that’s a good excuse for shoe shopping! ;-))

I have enough leftover fabric for a couple of boxes…I’ll do it as and when I get my hands on them. For now the feeling is of a happy DIY Ninja! How do you organize things at your home? Any shortcut is welcome!



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DIY Pincushion

If you are a hobbyist like me, you probably would have a lot of fabric scraps stashed somewhere (to be used later). I can’t throw away even the tiniest of the pieces, knowing, there are so many ways to use up these tiny fabric scraps. Yesterday I made a pincushion with storage for myself, using the fabric scraps. It was a quick 30 minute project… I am a big fan of any project that allows me to use  things that may have ended up in the trash bin otherwise. With the festive season round the corner, I decided to add a little bling to my organising!

The jar lid supports the pincushion and the jar allows me to store pins and other sewing stuff.

Here is my quick photo tutorial: All you need is an old jar, some fabric scraps (I used this blingy red sequined strip and a small piece of black satin), ribbon/embellishments (optional) and some glue. Cut out the centre of the lid as shown (I haven’t done a very neat job with cutting out the centre but it doesn’t matter).

Add some cotton or polyfill into the fabric from the reverse side of the lid and fluff it up like a firm rounded mound.

Cut out the excess fabric and hot glue or raw stitch the fabric (on the reverse side of the lid) to prevent the filling from spilling out. I attached a cardboard circle to cover up the mess I made with the fabric gluing!

Here is my blingy pincushion with storage for basic sewing tools! Easy to carry along. Oh… I forgot to mention, my daughter coloured the lid with a permanent black marker! And the satin ribbon bow too!

I feel great each time I recycle something for my home. How do you recycle things at home? I would love to exchange notes!

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Recycle Bottle Case

Earlier I would store my paint brushes in a horizontal tray or in an open jar/stand. It was fine… except for the fact that if I stored them horizontally, carrying them, in a cumbersome tray, was always a problem (I can’t sit at one place and paint) and open jar attracted too much dust. A Pringles jar was an option but way too small for my long brushes. My problem was solved when I raided my husband’s bar, in search for something to hold my brushes! Look, what I found; a heavy duty cardboard liquor bottle case!

It was just right for storing my brushes, painting accessories and so much more. All it needed was a little recycle magic!

Here is my 10 minute DIY project:

Choose a decorative wrapping paper (I chose this ‘Devanagiri Script’ paper from my treasured collection) measure and cut it to fit the bottle case. Apply PVA glue evenly onto the bottle case and paste the pre-cut paper. And it’s done!

You may apply clear polyurethane just to give it durability and shine.

My painting tools are so much organised now.

How about storing candles or spaghetti in them!

What more can be they be used for? Any Ideas!

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I have been arranging ‘things’ on the tables in my home for as long as I can remember. I try to change the decor on the tables every couple of months or so. It’s only recently I learnt that it’s a dedicated art form! And it has a technical name to it- Tablescapes. Wow! I didn’t know this until now that I have been tablescaping! And I bet not many of my friends (who also are into it) know about the term!

Here is what I learnt ; Late David Hicks, is considered the master of tablescapes, in fact the word ‘Tablescape’ has been coined by him. Quoting him “It isn’t a matter of just connecting miscellaneous objects on a table. Each object must be of quality in itself; otherwise it doesn’t really work”.





As I understand,  tablescapes are a great way to show off your most cherished items. Be it art, books, family heirlooms, or souvenirs; tablescapes are a pleasing arrangement of objects. Not any haphazard arrangement on a table can be considered a tablescape…it has to be a pleasing co-ordination of items bound or tied together by shape, colour, texture or a theme of the arrangement. And one cannot fill up the entire table and call it a tablescape…there has to be enough place for utility i.e leave considerable space on the table to be utilized by you or your guests to keep their cups/plates/glasses etc. (the original purpose of  table should be kept in mind).antique-rustic-coffee-table


(via bhg-Suzy-q-better-decorating-bible-blog-ideas-coffee-table-book-tray-stylish-living-room-accessory-entertaining-wicker-tray-snakeskin-shells-fl





The only thing that really pains me is dusting the things that I use for tablescaping…I have become smarter, I try to use things which are easy to dust or keep up!

Do it right, it can be the focal point in the room and do it wrong and it will hurt the eye. But then how do you know it is right? How do I know I have done it right? I wait for reactions from friends, family my hubby (my biggest critique!) and of course I take my ques from Google! I love the story that can be told with just a few pieces placed differently. You can see how I have styled my tables in my home by clicking here and here, in two of my earlier posts.

What’s your take on it? How do you style your tables? Link photos of your tablescaping and I would love to share it on my blog.

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