Old is Gold!

How do you feel when you discover something long forgotten… a photo, a souvenir, a childhood collection etc.?  Nostalgic, excited… or both? I am sucker for keepsakes, memory boxes and memorabilia. Recently, on one of our visits to our farm-house, and while on a cleaning spree, I chanced upon a few things stashed away in an old armoire (one of these trips I am going to bring this armoire too! ). This is what I found; a few brass bowls, a brass wicker oil lamp, lots of brass ‘ghungroos’ (anklet bells) –

Since they had been stored for a several years now (I don’t know how many years), I decided to clean and polish them. This is how they look after I scrubbed them with sliced lemons! Pretty aren’t they? I don’t know how am I going to use them eventually but for now they are simply adorning my home…no wonder they say all things ‘old is gold’!I am waiting for some ideas to pop into my head to upscale these beauties in the best possible way!

Any ideas how would you use/upscale these pieces?

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DIY Message Boards

I’d been wanting to do this project for a while now but something or the other kept cropping up… finally I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours to make message boards for my son and daughter’s study table.

Local businesses here have this annoying practice of promoting their brands on the exterior walls of private property. One can see various signage displayed (not legally) all around residential areas, especially gates of private homes. My father in law and I totally despise this practise and I am sure so do many others). Can’t do anything about it as these signage, boards, hoarding are put quite late at night. Usually, we remove and trash such advertisements but this time I decided to put a couple of these to a more productive use.

Hooked on HomesI used two of such metal boards (hung on our gate) to make magnetic message boards! It was simple, I removed and cleaned the metal sheet advertisement stuck on our gate and covered them fabric remnants that matched the decor of my children’s rooms…threw in some button magnets and it was ready!

For the pin board I used old packaging Styrofoam (half-inch thick) sheets lying in our basement. I pasted a cardboard sheet (cut out from a carton) to the Styrofoam and then covered it with cloth. Here’s the end product…quite functional! And money-saving too! The only money I spent in this project was on the button magnets INR 40/- for a set of six. Cool! Isn’t it?

I don’t feel harassed anymore, in fact I wait for these advertisements on our gate or walls so that I can pull them down and turn them into such boards for gifting to my friends’ children! Unfortunately or fortunately no one  has put up their promotion boards in long time now!

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Revamping Old Tables

Do you find getting rid of things difficult? I find it really hard…in fact my biggest paranoia is that the day I decide to do away with something that I haven’t used in a while, the very next day there will arise a dire need / urgency of that very thing! Does it happen with you? or is it just me? Thank God for my better half who keeps the entire house sane and clutter free! He ensures that I don’t hang on to a thing if it isn’t being used. But then…there always are some things you just can’t throw away; even he agrees to it(rather… I force him to!). Mostly there is a sentimental value attached to it and one values the sheer pleasure of having it around.. And if that thing also turns out to be a useful home accessory…nothing like it! One such thing (among many others!) is a very old collapsible table which belonged to my husband’s grandfather. It’s around 90 years old.

Revamping old tables
I retrieved it from the storeroom at our farm-house. Everything about the table was fine except its top (I don’t have a before photo for this). It was chipped  and peeling in layers. I didn’t have to do much actually, I just removed the damaged surface using a chisel and my butcher knife and sanded it with an emery paper. I bought a box of bottle green 8×8 ceramic tiles (thankfully this tile size was just right).

To make my job simpler, I glued the tiles on the prepared surface using PVA glue. Once set, I used yellow grout to fill up the tile joints. Voila! Here’s peek at my revamped ‘Portuguese’ inspired vintage side table.

Here’s another old table that my daughter and I revamped recently to match with the decor in the master bedroom. We spread some PVA glue on to the white mica table top and pasted the left over wall paper that I used for revamping gigantic wardrobe in the master bedroom ( to read that story click here).

How do you like the revamp? How do you spunk up your old furniture?

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How to jazz up your walls on a budget

Staying at a Defence Base is definitely fun… open areas, lush greenery (or should I say forest), no city noise, no pollution, huge lawns, kitchen gardens with huge bungalows! You can decorate the place allotted to you to your heart’s content but can’t make any structural changes for obvious reason… it’s not your property. Looking at the same old crème/white wall can be really boring and drab (as most houses are painted that way by the defence agencies).

I devised an easy solution to jazz up my walls on a budget… I cut out easy stencils to do murals on my walls! Once the 2/3 year tenure was over, we would repaint them creme…so that no one cribbed or complained. Although no one ever did!

A mural is a great way to fill your room with color and energy at a low-cost. You may think how is one supposed to paint a huge wall? Let me share a sneaky trick, for my easy -peasy stencils, that will have your friends and family going ga-ga over your larger-than-life artwork.

First choose your theme, pictures and colour scheme by browsing the internet. Simply pick one that you want to see in your home. Take a printout of the desired picture on an OHP/ Acetate sheet and  cut it out as a stencil for your painting/mural project! Now use these stencils as templates in laying out the details of your wall painting… first try it out on the floor.
Click here to see how I make my stencils.
Don’t worry if you make mistakes, you can easily correct them even on the walls.

In these photos, I did my daughter’s room with her favourites…butterflies, rainbow and sweet peas. And I co ordinate all of it to already existing colours in her room (curtains, upholstery etc). My daughter and I made the butterflies with craft paper, punched it, embellished and used a double-sided tape to give the butterflies 3 D effect on the walls.

You can jazz up your walls on a budget with a brilliantly bold statement of colours, textured paints and rollers, the choices are endless if you are the brave, adventurous kinds and willing to experiment and if you know you won’t get a dressing down for ruining the walls! That would be the worst case scenario…but you can always repaint your walls with any base colour! Here are some more pictures

How have you turned your boring wall into a story to share? I would love to see your ideas.

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My Horribly Cluttered Basement!

This post is more like my diary entry than a regular post. It’s going to be a reminder for me to gather courage to start working on the clutter that has been sitting in our basement…so far I have pretended that it doesn’t exist! When we shifted here, all our stuff was stored in this partial space of the basement, as we gradually set up our home. Now this is the left over stuff, mostly empty boxes, cartons, crates and some mindlessly hoarded stuff! Just take a look at the photos and you will know what I mean!Hooked on Homes (1) Hooked on Homes (2) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4)  Hooked on Homes (4) Hooked on Homes (4) My head spins every time I look at these photos…don’t even ask how I feel when I go down to the basement! So, today I promise myself, to do up this space in 3 months time. A little detail about the area that I am talking about; its approximately 800 sq.ft. Initially the target was to finish it by Diwali this year but I don’t think I would be able do it…with my full-time teaching job, my children and home front…it will not be fair on anybody. I will be realistic and I will take my time and try to finish this project by 20th December this year… I have postponed it for more than a year now. Having promised myself, let me list out what all is to be done:

  • Getting rid of all that is not needed.
  • Storing things that are required only a couple of times in a year.
  • Organising the stored items.
  • Painting the space (walls only)
  • Scrubbing and cleaning the space (it’s in a bad shape)
  • Re-organising the space into a utility area for either art/craft area, study area or prep it up for a rental.
  • Decorating the space (now it looks like a junk room)

All this in the same order, should everything goes as planned and if there aren’t any DIY disasters!

I know I have set myself up for a challenging task. I hope I will be able to do it… in time. I have set the reverse ‘day’ timer on my laptop! So here I am, requesting all my friends and all the DIY stalwarts of the blogging world to help me with this project…give me a direction  ‘coz this time I will be tackling this project all alone…hubby out of town 🙁 🙁 🙁 I am in dire need of  your inputs, suggestions, tips, ideas, shortcuts and of course a lot of morale boosting!

As of today; Days Left to Complete the Project (DLTCP) – 104!!!

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