It’s December!!! And I still have to wind up so many things before the year is over… as always I am racing against time. For once I knew exactly what I had to post for:-

I’d outlined it in my ‘Idea Diary’ weeks ago but I procrastinated when it came to typing it out (and to take pictures for the same). I know what my New Year resolution would be for 2014. Apart from procrastination, the delay in my post is my ‘Libran imbalance’ which always dissuades me from choosing/discarding the photos… I take forever to decide what-to-choose vs. what-not-to! And the toughest part of this challenge is to post only 5 pictures 🙁

Anyhow I managed the toughest bit… here is my entry for the M’s Photography Challenge#6- ORDER.

The ‘order’ in my kitchen cabinets is paramount for a non frenzied start.

Since I fix breakfast and lunch before I leave for work, I have to HAVE it in order or I WILL run late (if I have to hunt for things at 6:15 in the morning!)

My socks drawer…since one and half years. Many a times, in the past, I was late for work… Why? ‘Coz I couldn’t find the other pair! Not anymore… At least not for a missing sock! 😉

There are corners in my home which need serious intervention but not my file cabinet. I think I can pat my back for an up-to-date paper documentation (so much for modesty!).

Wait till you see the next Photography Challenge in January 2014… I promise, I would be the first one to post! The theme happens to be CHAOS! So very natural!

I couldn’t resist posting this picture… I just had to.

I took this photo (cell phone camera) while on a holiday in Goa, this year. I see so much order in this stack outside a beach shack. I love this photograph! It reminds me of Goa.

It’s 11pm and I am done with my post… tomorrow is a holiday! Yipee! I can get up late… it also means I can sleep late; I am going to treat myself with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy posts of all the talented participants of this challenge. Would you care to join?

To see my previous Photography Challenge entry {click here}.
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13 thoughts on “Order

  1. Wow! This is impressive! I think I can participate only in the chaos part ;-)! My mom also stores most of her groceries in glass containers… but I feel with my butter fingers, it might not work too well for me. Should get a few of them and try sometime.

    • Thanks Harini! Two years back I switched over to glassware almost completely… I fell for plastic not being good for long term storage.

    • Thanks! But you are seeing only three areas in my home Thank you never the less.It’s encouraging… and motivates me further to be more organized.

  2. Wow. You are SO organized! I like the last 3 pictures. Especially the last one. It’s brilliant.

    • oh dear me! That’s not real me! That is just a quarter of my personality… the remaining 3 quarters you will see in the Chaos entry! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Yay! You got your post up! You really do have a very organized home! Does it always stay this way? Oh, and would you mind adding my blog to your list of participants? Thank you! ~M.

    • Oh! I am so sorry about the slip! Just added it. And no, you are only seeing what stays organised ;-), which are only a few places in my home! Wait till you see my Chaos entry! I am a disaster at keeping my refrigerator, shoe room, son’s room, basement clutter free! It perpetually looks like a clutter explosion!

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