paper lamps

DIY Paper Lamps

With the holiday season catching up, how would you like to bring some ‘cheer’ inside your home? No, it’s not too late… As it is the winter is doing a good job of adding blues to everyday madness. How about adding some bright colours to beat the winter blues? By simple DIY or crafts, your home […]

sweet buns

Sweet Buns

What do you do when you are completely stressed out? I am sure you have your ways to beat the stress but have you ever tried kneading dough? Funny question? Not really, try kneading dough and you’d know what I mean! And the beauty of the whole process is… you end with something productive. If […]


DIY Dreamcatcher

Every time my daughter churns out something new, it gives me a high! I guess that’s but natural for all moms to feel when you see your little one becoming independent. Of lately she has been trying her hand at so many  new things…baking is one of them (since she has taken up Home Science […]

Vegetable Pie

Whole Wheat Vegetable Pie

My kids have complained that I haven’t cooked anything ‘different’ lately…the daily supper/dinner ideas have become boring. The last I baked for them was a ‘cinnamon rosette bun’…which was a really long time ago. I couldn’t ask them to wait for another long weekend or holidays…there was no way of convincing them that I’d rather […]

pencil sketching

Pencil Sketching

I have been MIA for the longest time ever. How long has it been now? Really long…Long enough for the inertia to set in. I may call it a writer’s block, blogger’s block or prioritizing ‘other’ things in life or simply put – I have tried to juggle too many things at the same time. […]

table makeover

Old Table Makeover

It was just out of a whim, I had no plan of doing this project. A breezy Saturday morning, with an on-and-off drizzle, a hot cuppa tea… I had finished reading the weekend stash of Newspapers… I just wanted to spend time in our verandah. And that’s when I thought of keeping myself suitably occupied. […]


Cinnamon Rosette Bun- Kringle

Browsing Pinterest I came across this gorgeous looking rosette shaped bun (kind of). Its intricate folds and the lovely look set me wondering, if I could ever pull off something like this. I learnt it’s called a Kringle. The recipe seemed do-able, much to my surprise. Let me tell you I am not such a great baker but I […]

Uses of a Tablet PC @ Hooked on Homes!

Uses of a Tablet PC

My daughter has opted for ‘Fine Arts’ as one of her subjects in Grade 9. She is thoroughly enjoying her classes. And so am I…looking at her enthusiasm! She has taken over all my art tools and other collection… I am happy to share it all with her. I have this collection of old Walter […]



Sometimes you come across  a visual moment and by the time you run for your camera/cell, it’s gone! The only place to capture it forever, is in your memories… I met a veteran photographer some years ago, he was on an official assignment with hubby’s office. While talking about photography, he said “I don’t take photos, […]


Mango Lemonade

‘Nimbu Paani’ or Lemonade is always a favorite during the summer months, how about giving it a twist?! Generally, I like to squeeze in a bit of lemon to most of my summer drinks but this time I added a fruity infusion to the lemonade! I made Mango Lemonade and it turned out yummylicious! Whether you’re […]

Lakshadweep Islands @ Hooked on Homes!

Lakshadweep Archipelago

The rhythmic sound of the waves, occasionally broken by the sound of distant seagulls, that’s all that was to be heard…no other sound, no crowd, no shops, no hawkers… just the gushing waves, touching my feet, as I lay on the silvery sand enjoying the lyrical  soundscape, wondering if heaven was this place on earth. This is […]

Pothos-  Indoor Plants @ Hooked on Homes!

Indoor Plants

Independent floors with flower beds or balconies in high-rise apartments, embracing plants and foliage is always a good idea. If not for the sheer pleasure of seeing something grow then for the air-purifying goodness and the aesthetics they bring into your home. Choosing indoor plants for your home works best when you have identified the […]

Soda Can Luminaries @ Hooked on Homes!

Soda Can Luminaries

My daughter, my ‘partner-in-crime’ in most of my DIY ramblings, is getting independent…I say this because she is forever busy creating something for her room or for her friends.  Of lately she is totally hooked to Pinterest! Inspired by one of the pins, she made a couple of Soda Can Luminaries for the little balcony […]

Decorate with Plants @ Hooked on Homes!

Decorate with Plants

I knew I was in for a long wait as I sat in the plush office for a new job interview/interaction (it was my final round). Sitting there, browsing the photo gallery on my tab, I came across a few photos I had taken a while ago; these photos led me to jot down a […]

watermelon drink @ Hooked on Homes!

Refreshing Watermelon Drink!

Monsoon seems nowhere in sight this year… I am so longing for the rains…we are nearing mid July and there is no respite from the sweltering heat here in this part of the world; 42 degrees centigrade is not a joke! How I wish we could be posted back to somewhere in the Western Ghats… […]

Recycling Glass Bottles

Recycling Glass Bottles

It has been long since I messed my hands in some DIY chore. I am itching to strike at least one project off my ‘never-ending-master-list’ of projects! My constant struggle is to micro manage my time, in other words I am juggling too many things at the same time but I am learning to respect […]

Anyahh- an online portal of exclusive art @ Hooked on Homes!

Anyahh- an online portal of exclusive art

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home! -Twyla Tharp.   So true! Be it any form… whether you are an amateur, artist, collector or just a hobbyist like me , Art takes you into a special world altogether; in a place where you feel free…away from all the quandaries…solacing in the […]

Tame paper clutter with a tablet

Tame Paper Clutter with a Tablet

This month was a hectic one… travelling the length and the breadth of the country, attending college counselling sessions with our son. Home front and blogging has suffered but I am not complaining, this is a significant phase in our lives…and we were prepared for it. Now that everything is settled I can get back to […]

Recycle Plastic Bottles @ Hooked on Homes!

Recycle Plastic Bottles

The serial hoarder in me is driving hubby and children nuts. I completely disagree with them; rather, I would say it is achieving newer heights… by heights I mean this!! I hoard them because I believe, someday, I might hit upon an idea to recycle plastic bottles into something home worthy…how and when?  I do […]

Bring Home Stories featured at- Hooked on Homes!

Bring Home Stories

I did read about their launch in one of the national dailies. Recently, when I was contacted by their PR team to know if I would like to showcase their brand, I was a little sceptical. I didn’t know much about them… but then curiosity got the better of me and I went on to […]

Photography Challenge#12- Personal @ Hooked on Homes!

Photography Styling Challenge

As I sat writing for the last theme for M’s Photography Styling Challenge, I look back only to realize how far I’ve come in terms of styling and staging. I still have a long way to go but I know I am getting there, slowly and steadily…with a treasure of inspiration, tips and tricks from this […]

DIY Dried Bush Makeover for Home Decor @ Hooked on Homes!

DIY Dried Bush Makeover for Home Decor

The winter gone by took a toll on few of my potted plants. One of them happened to be my ‘Ram Tulsi’ (the darker and more fragrant variety of the green Basil). While re-potting, as I uprooted the dried Basil, I could still draw in the lovely fragrance of the herb and not to mention […]

Storage Packed Media Unit @ Hooked on Homes!

Storage Packed Media Unit

When we shifted in this home, we didn’t have much furniture (as we always shifted into a ‘Base home’ equipped with all the furniture, whether we wanted it or not). All of the furniture that we have acquired now is totally customized to our need and the available space. While designing for our home furniture […]

Wall Clock Makeover @ Hooked on Homes!

Wall Clock Makeover

What do you do when you receive something really nice but it has a sponsored tag or print on it? You try to camouflage it! Although I am OK with it, that is if I really like the thing. But then that’s me, not my daughter. Sometime back we received this beautiful aqua blue wall […]

Photgraphy Challenge#Living Room @ Hooked on Homes!

Photography Styling Challenge # 11- Living Room

While writing this blog post for M’s Photography Styling Challenge, I realised how décor trends and home trends have evolved over time. Bringing in the western décor/home layout, into the traditional Indian home has emerged as a great fusion of the ‘west meets the east’ and the transition is so seamless that it doesn’t seem […]

Gulmohar tree: Nature's Treasure Trove @ Hooked on Homes!

Nature’s Treasure Trove

This past Sunday I had to chauffeur my son to one of the college entrance exams. The centre for the exam happened to be on the outskirts of the city, about 40 km away. It was an hour’s drive from home.  Although we are almost into a full-fledged north Indian summer but surprisingly it was […]

DIY Spray Painting @ Hooked on Homes!

DIY Spray Painting

Last night when I wound up all my chores for the day, I felt this urge to try something which had been playing in my head for a while. I wanted to spray paint a set of cushion covers using leaves as my masking templates, but before I painted on the selected fabric I wanted […]

Great Ways to Create a Beautiful Home- Window Treatments

Great Ways to Create a Beautiful Home- Window Treatments

Choosing window treatment that suits your requirement and adds flair to your home… is a tough call. After the paint job this is the second most difficult decision. Why? Because you are not going to change your window treatments every now and then, in all its probability you will be stuck with it for at […]

Photography Styling Challenge- Light @ Hooked on Homes!

Photography Styling Challenge #10- Light

It is an odd feeling when you see how over time your own work seem full of flaws… it happens with me when I look at some DIYs (photos, art or craft work, writing etc.) that I did in the past, which at the time seemed great; I get this urge to re-do it. There are times when […]

Pencil Color Doodles @ Hooked on Homes!

Pencil Color Doodles

I couldn’t help but post this blog as I felt I have to show-off a friend’s work who is forever creating these amazing  Pencil Color Doodles! She feels that they are nothing serious but I am sure anyone would disagree with her, just like I do! She essentially uses pencil colors to draw and color, sometimes […]

Turn Off the Lights! The Earth Hour @ Hooked on Homes! Image credit-

Turn Off the Lights! The Earth Hour

We were settled well before 8:30pm, to sit in the porch… to be a part of the Earth Hour this year. Gazing at the night sky trying to find stars (I couldn’t see any) amidst the city noise, my mind raced back to memories of my childhood when my parents would take us for an after-dinner […]

Spring Inspired Decor @ Hooked on Homes!

Spring Inspired Decor

Inspired by my Spring Mood Board and also since I am done with my spring cleaning I am re-decorating our home to incorporate the charm of Spring season, I just want to hold-on to this season. I decided to create a little corner for some ‘me time’! As bright colours are popular choices for springtime […]

DIY Flower Arrangement for Home @ Hooked on Homes (1)

DIY Flower Arrangement for Home

The beauty of the Spring season lies in the myriad colours it brings along…in the form of flowers and foliage. North India experiences more clement climatic conditions, the states in this region witness two more seasons – spring and autumn. Conventionally, we experience six seasons in a year and each one spans for approximately two […]

Indian Spring- An Inspiration to Creative Freedom @ Hooked on Homes!

Indian Spring… An Inspiration to Creative Freedom!

It amazes me to no end when I see the dramatic contrasts nature has to offer…almost unreal The spectacular sunsets makes me want to paint the vivid hues on paper, fabric, pots, glass… on just about everything! Think about colours in nature and the immediate response would be- a Rainbow… nowhere else in nature does […]

Photography Styling Challenge #9- Hooked on Homes!

Photography Styling Challenge #9- Fashion

I can’t believe that we are already in the third month of 2014! The Boards are on! You may find it annoying that I bring up Boards every time, but that’s what we have been living, breathing, eating and, sleeping since the beginning of this year! The situation happens to be the same not only […]

My thread collection

Storage Packed Craft Chest

Here is the post I promised last week, when I posted about my Craft Chest. This craft chest was more of a necessity than a luxury to keep things organized at home. See us on days when my daughter and I craft… the scene at our home resembles a tornado hit zone! I am a […]

DIY- A Vase into a Lamp!

DIY A Vase into a Lamp!

Knowing how much I love collecting pretty little knickknacks, a friend gifted this lovely vase to me sometime ago; it goes very well with the colour scheme of our living room. I love its slender shape but the only problem with it is that the base is very small and narrow, compared to its height, […]

The final look! Decorating a dull corner with things around my home!

Liven Up A Dull Corner

Last weekend one of my ‘pretties’ broke…:-(  I had taken it out for some sun bathing. Although my money-plant is safe but I am unable to forgive myself for not being careful enough. I will soon be on a lookout for something similar. In the meanwhile I wanted to do something to liven up the […]

Stenciling technique. Image Credit-

Great Ways to Create a Beautiful Home…Wall Paint Trends

This post won the FIRST PRIZE  in ‘Great Ways to Create a Beautiful Home’ contest on, sponsored by Asian Paints. Always in pursuit of ideas to create a warm, appealing and a comfortable home…on a budget, I came across this term ‘Chameleon Decor’ as one of the trending decor styles. Wanting to know more […]

Party Decor- DIY Water Candles!

Party Decor

Here is a quick & easy, and my all time favourite party décor… with candles, flowers and foliage. I don’t think one can ever go wrong with these. Over the years I have acquired a few shortcuts to dress up my home for a party  You can never go wrong with flowers; any number, any […]

Photo Montage...In It's New Look!

Photo Montage…in it’s new look!

Simple changes can do wonders to your decor… after days of contemplating I, finally, decided to pick up my brush and the leftover paint to complete the project. Ever since I finished this project in its earlier version i.e. ‘My Hall of Fame’ Photo Montage, I had this nagging feeling that I wanted something else […]

DIY Pompoms

DIY Pompom

Winter holidays are fun…especially when you get a break from work… all festivals are just about over,  no entertaining guests and no social commitments, for sometime at least … absolutely the right time to indulge in some serious home improvement projects or some craftiness! I managed a lil bit of this and lil bit of […]

Computer Table into Study Table@Hooked on Homes  (7)

Computer Table into a Study Table

Having donated his ancient desktop computer a year ago my father-in-law was left with this huge computer desk which he used as a storage cabinet. When we shifted in this house, my son was in need of a study table for his growing collection of books … his ‘babaji’ was happy to give away his […]

After the false ceiling

False Ceiling in the Master Bedroom

When we started renovating this house, there was nothing really concrete in our mind; we tackled problems as they came along. We dealt with each of the design related problems with minimal resources and time (since we had to shift in before the academic session began). This is how the master bedroom looked before the renovation. […]

Instant magic with DIY floating candles in cocktail glasses!

Radiant Orchid…Color of 2014

Browsing the internet sometime in September, last year, I came across this report by Refinery 29- ‘Colour Predictions for 2014 by Pantone’, since then I wanted to do a post on it…but then I decided to wait until the New Year… in other words – I forgot about it! I get caught up with so many […]


New Year Resolutions 2014

New Year … new beginnings, as this year comes to an end my mind races back to all the significant moments of the year 2013…in my personal and professional journey. I am so full of gratitude to be surrounded by caring people, who have been instrumental in mentoring/making my journey as a mom, wife and […]

Hubby's bar contraption!

Drinklip-Carry-all Organiser

Sometime back I participated in a contest, hosted by Floorspace and happened to win it! A week later I received this super cute thing as my prize from them… it’s called a Drinklip. It’s a giant clip…can be attached to any table. Its packaging box has images to show in ways it can be used… […]

Easy decor idea!

Quick DIY Arrangement for Christmas

Yesterday while coming back from work, I realized I haven’t done anything to welcome the festive season this year.  How can I not welcome the festive spirit without decorating (in the theme) my home! At 4 in the evening I felt I must do something to bring in some joy and cheer into my home. […]

DIY FestiveTags (12)

DIY Festive Tags

With Christmas around the corner and winter having completely set in (It is white and foggy all day long), it is one of the most amazing times here in North India. Hot cup of ginger tea, peanuts, varieties of revari & chikki, not to mention gajar ka halwa and all the ‘wintery chaats’ … I […]


DIY Fail

Any failure is a result of lack of planning/preparation/systematic execution. Having said that, I have to admit that I failed miserably in doing up our basement (turning a storeroom into a recreation room). I can give a hundred genuine reasons for not being able to do what I set out to in the first place […]

Use color coordinated cushions in different shades.

Importance of Color Play in the Bedroom

It is a known fact that colors have an intense impact in our life; they are the mood swinger. Just as they help in alleviating blues, they may also add more to it. Balancing colors help in creating harmony in one’s life  and it’s not such a difficult ballgame. Your home is your canvas to […]

My side of the bed

Photography Challenge # 5- Bedroom

Today, the second day after Diwali and a holiday… I got a little extra time to be on the internet. Browsing through some of my favourite blogs, one of them being Redesigned by M, I decided to do this post as my entry for the Photography Challenge # 5- Bedroom. Honestly, I didn’t have to […]

Hooked on Homes! (11)


Diwali or Deepavali, the festival of lights, marks the end of harvest season. It takes place towards the end of fall… there is nip in the air… everything seems fresh and new. I love this season!  Having our morning cup of tea in the misty fall mornings… the experience is unbeatable. Marigold, periwinkle, Bougainvillea & Frangipani […]



I have been arranging ‘things’ on the tables in my home for as long as I can remember. I try to change the decor on the tables every couple of months or so. It’s only recently I learnt that it’s a dedicated art form! And it has a technical name to it- Tablescapes. Wow! I […]

Shiny and new after scrubbing with sliced lemons!

Old is Gold!

How do you feel when you discover something long forgotten… a photo, a souvenir, a childhood collection etc.?  Nostalgic, excited… or both? I am sucker for keepsakes, memory boxes and memorabilia. Recently, on one of our visits to our farm-house, and while on a cleaning spree, I chanced upon a few things stashed away in […]

Jaisal's message board

DIY Message Boards

I’d been wanting to do this project for a while now but something or the other kept cropping up… finally I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours to make message boards for my son and daughter’s study table. Local businesses here have this annoying practice of promoting their brands on the exterior walls […]

My home!

Revamping Old Tables

Do you find getting rid of things difficult? I find it really hard…in fact my biggest paranoia is that the day I decide to do away with something that I haven’t used in a while, the very next day there will arise a dire need / urgency of that very thing! Does it happen with […]

Murals on a budget

How to jazz up your walls on a budget…Murals!

Staying at a Defence Base is definitely fun… open areas, lush greenery (or should I say forest), no city noise, no pollution, huge lawns, kitchen gardens with huge bungalows! You can decorate the place allotted to you to your heart’s content but can’t make any structural changes for obvious reason… it’s not your property. Looking […]

Granite top bedside table.

Hassle Free Table Tops!

Knowing my children and my hubby (sometimes, even, myself!), I had to think of extremely practical surface tops for the heavy traffic area in our home. By ‘practical’, I mean rugged, heavy-duty and breakage resistant material and water, tea, coffee, aerated drinks, nail polish remover, colours, paint proof material! I haven’t covered more weirder stuff! […]


My ‘Hall of Fame’ Photo Montage

I love to take a lot of pictures with my cell phone and digi cam. And what do I do with the photos? Mostly these photos stay in soft copy FOREVER or they stay stored on my slave drive! My hubby keeps chiding me… not for taking pictures but for not doing anything with them. […]

Dining Storage

DIY Tiled Dining Hutch

I had a full mind to go in for a built-in Dining Hutch… but going by my mom-in-law’s experience I decided to drop the idea. It’s extremely dusty here in Noida (India), so much so that you can dust the entire day and yet not feel satisfied that your home in dust free. I have […]

supriti (48)

My ‘Charm’ Wall!

A collection of photos or pictures can be displayed in so many ways. How you pull together a display depends on the size of the collection and the area/wall you will be using. The best way to know what will suit your wall is to arrange the display on the floor (inside the same dimensions, […]

Living room false ceiling makeover

Living Room Ceiling Renovation

The Previous hall/lobby of our home was partitioned by a plywood wall. It converted half of the hall/lobby into a room for a tenant. An attached bathroom with the lobby went into the partitioned room. So, when we shifted  we decided to do away with the plywood wall; it made the lobby look very dark […]

My vintage coin display!

Coin Collection Display

I’d been wanting to re use a couple of old picture frames for a while now but couldn’t find anything suitable/interesting to fit in it … until, the other day, when I found myself half buried in old stuff  while sorting some old boxes… I found this very old coffee tin. It took me a […]

My colourful 'discarded keys' wind chime.

diy Wind Chime

How many times have you come across a key you didn’t know where it fit? Were you able to throw/discard it? If you are anything like me, I am sure you must have kept it safely, to be doubly sure that you don’t end up throwing a key which actually opens a lock! Over the years I have […]

diy decor with a dried branch

Home Decor with Nature!

If you’re looking to add some flair to your home decor, take a little time to stroll outside your home and see the nature’s bounty in store for you! Nature is rich in colour, shape, texture and drama. It inspires decorating, that is simple yet unique and grand. You can start with the simplest and the quickest […]

supriti (60)

Organize & Jazz up! With things at home

Till date I haven’t been able to understand my mom’s (and my mom-in-law’s) insistence on keeping the nice crockery, crystal bowls, exquisite bed covers mats/cushion covers etc. hidden in the closets or cupboards. I have never seen them use any of it! The ‘logical’ reasoning that I have, forever, been getting (from them) is- “It’s for the […]


My ‘Treasured’ Coffee Table!

My penchant for collecting ‘just-about-everything-under-the-sun’ to satiate my creative urges has had the entire family going bonkers! ‘Gangarams’ on MG Road, Bangalore, ‘Venus Traders’ and ‘Tulsi Baug’ in Pune, ‘Crawford’ in Mumbai, ‘Staples’ in GIP-Noida, ‘Sita Ram’ and ‘Yash’ in South Ex. New Delhi, ‘Thukral Brothers’ in Karol Bagh and Chawri Bazaar in Delhi; these are my […]


Mithila Painting

Mithila Painting

I guess my daughter’s Fine Arts skills are rubbing on to me! Every day she has something new to show. Looking at her enthusiasm, after ages I dug into my art stash and did something worthwhile…its not complete yet but I am getting there. It all started with helping out my daughter  and  a chance workshop […]

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